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Who are we?

We are Equilibrate Tuxn and our mission is to empower and connect the athlete on and off the field.

Our goal is to build the next generation Social Sports Economy Platform powered by our software solution, to support athletes during their development and provide them with a platform to connect with others and showcase their skills.

Additionally, we aim to reduce the costs and increase the reach of scouting activities for professional and amateur sports clubs around the world.



Virtual Trainings Zone (VTZ)

Bring your skills to the next level. Together with TOSYN, the athlete can access our VTZ where he will be able to practice skills in a virtual environment under the guidance of their AI-b PVT.

Social Platform

Connect with athletes and sports clubs all around the world, as well as with all users on the platform.

AI based Personal Virtual Trainer

It will monitor and support the athlete’s development, and together with TOSYN, manage the rehabilitation of injuries or even prevent them from occurring.

Digital wallet

(Non-custodial) Own and be in control of your finances.

Sport clubs

Team management

We also offer a team zone, where each team can manage and keep track of their team members. Here the coach can discuss and share strategies with the team, analyze past games and players’ performances, and much more.

Video analyses

With the help of our Equilibrate Tuxn Tower (EQTT) we will be able to not only provide them with the physical data of the athlete, but also with detailed video recordings of their trainings.

Scouting services

Sports clubs and scouting agencies could use our platform for their scouting activities.

Digital wallet

(Non-custodial) Own and be in control of your finances.

Users and Content creators

Reward mechanism for creative and engaging content

For content creators we will provide a reward system that will reward highly engaging content.

Tipping mechanism

Get rewarded or reward others for good and creative content.

AD reward

Receive a share of the of the AD revenue we generate.

Digital wallet

(Non-custodial) Own and be in control of your finances.


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